Rising above the sparkling waters,

VELA uplifts the art of sophisticated living

The sense of expansiveness inside each home
breathes a rarefied air of palatial splendour throughout the property, heightened by the interior designers’ use of the sparkling waters below to inspire a fresh sense of light and fluidity within each room, where generous proportions and soft edges feel both open and refined.

With nothing but glass between the two worlds,

each of Vela’s 38 stunning residences allow for an unparalleled indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Panoramic Vistas

VELA has been perfectly positioned to capture breathtaking views of Marasi Bay and the iconic Burj Khalifa amid the glittering Downtown Dubai cityscape. Floor to ceiling windows flood the living area with light by day, as well as truly awe-inspiring views by night. Experience an openness that echoes out from every room, drawing the eye across the glorious private terraces that stretch gracefully to the city, canal and horizon beyond.

A front-row seat for the magnificent spectacle that surrounds.

Wraparound Pools

Time finds soft rhythm in the flow of water that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Uniquely designed L-shaped corner pools that are found nowhere else in Dubai, frame each residence with a ribbon of serene freshness. Sun decks overlooking the Marasi Marina and the iconic Burj Khalifa offer plenty of space for relaxing, entertaining, or just enjoying the fresh air and moment in time.

A Sensory Arrival

The only waterfront arrival in Marasi Bay.

Welcomed by the delicate music of water and bold quadruple height colonnade that rises to frame the soothing beauty of this waterfront location, arriving at VELA is a sensory experience. Layers of water features draw the marina up to the lofty heights of VELA, creating a moment of sheer enchantment where elegance meets sophistication in every direction, from the beauty and drama of the architecture above to the breath-taking panoramic views that surround.

VELA Residences

A Crafted Collection